Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home on the Range

Some of you that know me in real life might be surprised to know that we have quite a large collection of firearms in our house - four handguns, three shotguns and a rifle. Jim got the shotguns a long time ago to use when he went hunting with his dad. He got the first of the handguns when someone tried to break into his first apartment, then added the others over time. I'm not sure how he came to have the rifle.

While I personally never wanted to own a gun, I don't care if others do as long as they are responsible with them. Therefore, since they are in my house, it's imperative that I know how to load, unload and shoot them. So off to the firing range we went.

We go to a firing range in Springfield called Sharp Shooters. This was actually my second trip there. We took three of the handguns with us today, the 9mm automatic, the .45 automatic and the .357 revolver.

They may have to revoke my membership card in the Democratic Party, because it turns out that I really enjoy shooting and shockingly I'm not that terrible at it. It's a shame that it's such an expensive hobby. I prefer the smaller caliber guns - the kick on the .45 is pretty hard, plus it has a tendency to shoot casings back onto my collarbone. Not painful, but irritating. The first time we went, Jim rented a .22 for me to shoot and I liked that one best of all. So he bought one. Yeah, that's right, he bought me my own gun.


Sara said...

Does it look like this? I bet it looks like this:

Emily said...

My in-laws enjoy shooting, too! They've moved from rifles into handguns, and my MIL goes to conferences and competitions. She's said great things about a weekend conference called "Babes with Bullets" that's all about handgun safety, techniques, etc. for women only. If you keep enjoying shooting, it might be something to check out. I think they have it a few times a year around the country.