Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Too Darn Hot

It is especially too darn hot for there to be no power in my apartment complex. The word is that a transformer blew around the corner at 3:00 this morning (I didn't hear it, but was told that it was quite an impressive explosion). They have the end of the street closed to traffic and everything. I was also told that it won't be fixed until about 3:00 this afternoon. I have two concerns. First, that they get it back on in time for the apartment to cool off before I get home. I'll be really depressed if I get home and it's 100 degrees in there. My other concern is that the refrigerator stays cold enough that I don't have to throw out the $200 worth of food in there.

The heat and humidity has been so bad here since Saturday. Yesterday, there was a heat index of 105 in the city and the Metro buses were giving a free ride day (they do this when the ozone level reaches red). Furthermore, a train derailed on the orange line yesterday during rush hour. Trains were on one track from Foggy Bottom to Clarendon, which backs up the blue line that I take home because they share track for part of that section. I ended up in a car that was packed like sardines and went the opposite direction through town to L'Enfant Plaza and switched to the yellow line. This was complicated by the large volume of baseball traffic at L'Enfant trying to take the green line to the ballpark. I made it to Pentagon and caught the bus home. I was only one bus behind the one I usually take but it was a miserable ride. They think the heat caused the derailment by making the track soft.

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smilingjim said...

Hi Baby,

I was surprised to hear that you lost your electric. I hope you get it back real soon. I love you.