Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To Your Health and other Random Musings

So, after two trips to the urgent care center over the weekend, it turns out that the fever and crazy sweating that I was blaming on the heat earlier in the week and hot flashes later in the week was really a rampaging case of strep throat. Which, by the way, I diagnosed myself, by shining a flashlight at my tonsils. Can you tell who had strep a lot when she was younger? I learned several things from the strep incident: 1) Arlington Urgent Care is open 24/7, the staff is very nice, the service is fast and my co-pay there is CHEAP; 2) unless something changed this morning, the boyfriend seems to be immune to my particular brand of cooties, because I made him go to the doctor Monday and he's fine; 3) the aforementioned staff at Arlington Urgent Care has a miracle rinse for a sore throat that is made up of lidocane (pain), benedryl (swelling) and mylanta (to make it sticky) which you can use before you try to eat a meal. Anyway, I've been on a Z-pack for two days now - it still hurts a bit to swallow, but I feel much better.

In a related note, while I really can't recommend it as a weight loss technique, the strep did make me feel so bad last week that I didn't want to eat much of anything, so I lost about five pounds (by randomly bursting into flames most likely). Now that I am past the same two pounds that I kept gaining and losing for the last six weeks, hopefully I am back on the forward track.

In a totally not related note, I got economically stimulated yesterday. Well, a third stimulated. Like most everyone I know, I am using about a third to pay off some debt, putting a third in my savings account and spending a third. Yesterday, I ordered the textbooks for my accounting class and I was able to get them both used. I'm starting to get excited about it now.

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