Friday, August 1, 2008

Jeopardy! Update

Today was the day of my follow-up audition for Jeopardy! I had an appointment for 9:00 this morning at a hotel in downtown Washington, the first of two sessions they were doing today.

Let me tell you, they are really using the online test to weed out the people that have no business being on Jeopardy! The first time I auditioned, I took the written test with about 80 people. After they scored it, they sent 70 of them home and kept about 10 of us to play the mock game.

When I arrived today, there were only 19 of us. We all filled out the audition sheet, had a Polaroid taken, took another 50 question/50 category test and played a mock game and did a little "getting to know you" interview. For the mock game, they give you a real buzzer and let each group go through about a dozen questions to get a sense of how you would be on t.v. I went in the first group of three, which was exciting. I had a big smile in my picture, was assertive when I answered questions, and I was able to ring in first several times, so I think I made a good impression.

All 19 0f us made it into the contestant pool, so I could get a call anytime in the next 18 months to come out to L.A. to tape the show. They try to give you at least three weeks notice; if I hear from Maggie, the contestant wrangler, I'll let you all know.


Higgins said...

I will totally be your phone-a-friend.

RebaAnn said...

wrong game show, dude.

Higgins said...

I will totally sell you a vowel.

RebaAnn said...

strike two.

Higgins said...

Okay, but seriously, this is important...the goat is always behind door number two.