Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jeopardy! Update

On Friday, I was in a taxi cab on my way to the Kennedy Center when I got "The Call." That's right, kids. I am going to LA to tape shows (I hope it's more than one show) on November 12 and they are scheduled to air in January. The Jeopardy! people continue to say on all the official paperwork that a call to come out is still not a guarantee of an appearance, so I suppose it's possible that I might not make it on the show, but they were pretty certain on the phone that I would get on. That's really all that I can tell you until after I tape the shows and even then I can't discuss the results.

In the meantime, I am watching a lot of Jeopardy! and studying. Yes, Katherine, I am using the placemat. Feel free to email me random trivia questions.


Chellie said...

KICK ASS! that's so awesome!!!!

Sarah+ said...

i'm so excited for you!!
one of my parishioners has horrible and rapidly debilitating parkinson's disease. the one highlight of his day is jeopardy! and he LOVES it. i told him today that i know someone who's going to be a contestant and his voice, for the first time, lit up. so you've got to give me air dates so i can make a date with him to watch!!!!