Monday, March 16, 2009


On Sunday, we went to the Kennedy Center for the final day of the Arabesque festival.

We were given tickets to see the Debbie Allen production, Oman...O Man!, which is a story of an Omani and an American boy who are roommates at an international military school. They both learn a great deal about each others country and each other.

We also took some time to see some of the exhibits. This picture of me was taken on a very large, flat, platform bed covered with pillows. There was also a display of Arab wedding costumes in the Hall of States and Hall of Nations, jewelry and calligraphy that superimposed the script for various words to form elaborate pictures.


Sara said...

You should give up all this crazy pretty white and blue stuff and wear one of those.

Chellie said...

I saw that too! the KC anyway with the dresses, etc. We saw a different show. yay :)