Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nugget's Story - The Backstory

I decided that I needed to start to write down Nugget's story before I forget all the important stuff that happened along the way.  If you are friends with me on any of the many social media sites I frequent, you probably know most of this story.  If not, well, here you go.

Jim and I got married in August 2009 and we knew that if we wanted to have a baby, we needed to try right away.  We weren't getting any younger.  So beginning in October 2009, that is what we did for 7 months until it was time for my annual doctors appointment.  At that point, because of my age and the fact that we hadn't been successful yet, she ordered some preliminary testing for both of us and referred us to a reproductive endocrinologist.

We chose Shady Grove Fertility Center.  They are a very large clinic with many offices, including one directly up the street from our house.  We met with our doctor, Dr. Levens, for the first time in July 2010.  I had done a lot of internet research and from my time spent hanging out on The Nest, I was already pretty sure of what information we were going to be given at that first meeting, but I think it was very helpful for Jim.  Prior to the meeting, we had completed extensive medical histories (4 pages for Jim and about 8 for me) and returned those.  We went over all that history, my charts of my cycle and the test results from my OB/GYN and Dr. Levens laid out a plan for us.

First, there would be about a million more screening tests for both of us.  For me, that included a mammogram and an HSG (this is an x-ray type test where they fill your uterus with dye to check the shape and make sure your tubes are open).  For Jim, it meant a semen analysis.  There was also blood work for both of us to check for STDs, a screening for cystic fibrosis, hormone levels and lord only knows what else.  And we both got a dose of antibiotics.  Then we would start with several cycles of IUI.  We are very lucky and our insurance covers up to six cycles and all the testing.  Many people have no coverage for infertility (IF) at all.

We did our first IUI in October 2010 and it didn't work.  Our second in November did, but I miscarried and had to have a D&C in January 2011.  This was the worst, because we found out about the miscarriage on the same day we were heading home for Christmas to share the good news with my Mom.  Instead, we had to give her bad news because it was possible that I'd start to miscarry on my own and we'd spend Christmas at the hospital.

February, March, April and May 2011 all failed.  On our 7th try in July 2011, we were lucky again.  Again I miscarried and had to have a second D&C in September.  At that point, we were done and resigned to living childless, since our only option would be IVF with donor eggs and it would be completely out of pocket.

Part 2:  The Donor Egg process.

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