Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nugget's Story - Getting Ready

I felt like I needed to add a post here, because there were a lot of things that had to happen before we could pick our donor.

In March 2012, I called the donor egg coordinator at Shady Grove and said that we were ready to go ahead.  They sent back the check list of things that we had to do before we could select our donor.
  • repeat mammogram, since I am over 40 and mine was a over year old
  • repeat of the HSG test, since I had two D&Cs since my first test
  • we both had to be rescreened for STDs and have a concurrent course of antibiotics.  This is an annual requirement of the clinic.
  • a mock transfer that gave the doctor an idea of how the catheter should be placed for the real deal
  • a meeting with the financial counselor to talk about costs, which type of plan we wanted, what was covered and what was not.
  • a meeting with the psychologist to make sure that Jim and I were both on the same page and comfortable with having a child that was not biologically related to me.
  • a meeting with the nurse to sign pages and pages of consent forms
  • injection training, so I could learn how to shoot hormones in my belly and Jim could learn how to shoot them in my butt.
All of this took several months to get scheduled and completed, and towards the end of this process I was put back on birth control pills, since they didn't want my body to do anything on its own.  In June, everything on the check list was done and we were given a passcode to the donor database.  We were finally ready to pick our donor.

Part IV - Picking Our Donor.

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