Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Hi, everyone. This is a picture of the cross of flowers that we did at church on Sunday. It starts off as a basic wood form and is wrapped in chicken wire, with a few pieces of greenery added. Then everyone came up and added their flowers to it and just turns into something beautiful.

After church we went to brunch at Bistro-Bistro in Shirlington. The food was terrific, but we probably won't eat there again, because they never answered my email about reservations, so I called to make it. Then, when we got there, they didn't have our reservation. Fortunately, they were able to seat us right away. The brunch buffet was wonderful. Between the two of us, we sampled grilled veggies, feta and pesto pasta salad, cold grilled salmon, cold asparagus, blacken tilapia, bacon, eggs benedict, roasted potatoes, waffles and prime rib. The for dessert there were lemon tarts, cheesecake, chocolate cake, coconut cake, banana bread, chocolate chess pie, some kind of german chocolate tart thing, bread pudding and my favorite, creme brulee. Then we went home and passed out. That is a successful brunch.

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