Monday, July 21, 2008

Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today...

Actually, we left Friday for our very busy, very full weekend in New York. This will be a blog in three parts, since there is so much to tell.

Friday, we left the apartment at 6:40 a.m. to catch the bus to NYC. You may recall that we were able to get tickets to New York for a grand total of $1, which is what prompted the entire trip. We got to Metro Center at 7:30 and it is a good thing. They overbooked the bus and anyone that got there after 7:45 was out of luck. The company was supposed to be sending another bus to get the other people - I hope they made it alright. It took about 4 1/2 hours to get there and the bus stopped once in Delaware to let people get off and stretch their legs.

We rolled into Penn Station right about 12:45 p.m., grabbed our luggage and set off the 15 blocks to our hotel. We were walking straight up 7th Avenue, but when we got to 42nd Street, I made us take a detour for my first look at Times Square. When we got to our hotel, we were too early for check-in, but we were able to leave our luggage with the concierge, who recommended a great deli around the block for some lunch.

After a quick bite, we headed to Rockefeller Center and then on up to Tiffany's. We walked past St. Patrick's Cathedral, but didn't know that's what it was at the time, since there is scaffolding all over it right now. We did go into another lovely church, St. Thomas. After Jim let me browse in Tiffany's (bless his heart), we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up for our dinner reservations.

We went to Scarlatto's for the pre-theater fixed price dinner and it was all delicious. For appetizers, I ordered the mussels, which I'd never had before, and Jim had the mozzarella di buffulo salad. For the entree, he had the carbonara and I had the salmon with caramelized onions on spinach. Dessert was tiramisu and cappuchino semifreddo. We shared everything and it was all delicious.

Then it was on to the show at the Shubert Theater for Spamalot. I laughed like a lunatic. It was pretty true to the movie, plus they added in some bits from other Monty Python sketches. Drew Lachey was playing Patsy and John Cleese was the voice of God.

After the show, we grabbed some authentic New York cheesecake from Junior's, walked back through Times Square to the hotel and collapsed.

All of the pictures can be seen here:

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