Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a very nice Valentine's Day yesterday. First, The Boy brought me these beautiful flowers on Thursday evening.

Then we had tickets to see Avenue Q at the Warner Theatre. The show was very funny, especially if you are into profane puppetry. Definitely not a family show, no matter what it looks like. There is full frontal puppet nudity in this show. This is a gorgeous theater and our seats were really good even in the nosebleed section.

When we got home, I made cornish hens, wild rice and broccoli for dinner and individual peanut butter and chocolate chip cakes for dessert and we had a bottle of wine that The Boy's mother had given to go with it. We used the cd from a friend's wedding as our background music.

I got one more gift yesterday as we were finishing up our meal. I was having a terrible time getting a good picture (shiny things don't photograph well for me) so here is a better picutre so you can see the details.


Uncle Jim and Aunt Donna said...

Congratulations! It looks like "the Boy" is a keeper!

We'll print the picture to show MR.

MaryLou said...

Beautiful! He's a keeper for sure!!

Chellie said...

Congrads!! that's so beautiful! rock on :)