Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Our Fur Baby

The end of 2010 was rough for us and we couldn't wait to see the back side of it. However, we did start 2011 off great with the addition of our fur baby, Rex. This is the first cat for me, but Jim has had several cats before.

On New Year's Day, which happens to be Jim's birthday, we went to the pet adoption held by Lost Dog and Cat Rescue at the PetSmart store in Seven Corners. We had made a trip out to the Fairfax Animal Shelter on December 30 and met a couple of cats there, but ended up not taking one home because we couldn't get a good feel for them. I planned to go back on the 31st and pick one while Jim was at work, but when I got out there, the shelter was closed. This information was nowhere to be found on the county's website, by the way. I was really disappointed, because I wanted to get the cat as a birthday present for Jim and the adoption fee is only $30 for an already fixed cat.

Jim liked two of the cats at the PetSmart adoption more than the others, although they were all cute. The other top contender was a pretty black and white girl, but she was currently on an antibiotic eye drop and we didn't want to start off with a kitty that needed meds. So we settled on Rex and we couldn't be happier. We brought him home and started him off in the guest room, where he promptly hid under the bed, but by the end of the day he was ready to play and explore the rest of the house. The rescue's best guess is that he is about 8 months old and we love him to pieces.


Alyson said...

He's so cute!

Sara said...

Look who came out to plaaay! He's cute!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart! Rex has a message for you -- "I'm just a cat and we'll get along fine, as long as you remember I'm not yours, you're mine!"