Saturday, January 22, 2011

Restaurant Week Winter 2011

For those who are not from here, Restaurant Week is a twice a year event in which hundreds of D.C. metro restaurants offer a three course prix fixe meals. Lunch is $20.11 and dinner is $35.11. This is your chance to eat at some really great restaurants for a really reasonable price.

Let me say once again that I have never been disappointed with a meal at any of the Passion Food Group restaurants. One of the things I like best about Passion Food is that they offer all of their entrees as a part of their Restaurant Week offering. This year we went to Acadiana, which features the cuisine of southern Louisiana. Unfortunately, all I had for a camera was my cell phone, so I don't have any beautiful pictures to share with you. These photos were taken by someone else and attributed to the photographer where possible.

Appetizers: Jim had the trio of deviled eggs; the three eggs were crab meat, cheddar bacon and caviar. All three eggs were delicious and the "deviled" part was smooth. You could clearly taste the bacon and the crab, but we had trouble finding the caviar taste, just a bit of saltiness without the fish flavor that I normally associate with caviar. I had the roasted corn and crap soup. The sweetness of the corn and crab was paired with just a little heat that stayed at the back of your mouth. (photo from website)

For the entree, I had the blackened red fish topped with crawfish etouffee which was served with creamed spinach and grits cakes, which were cut into wedges and fried. The cool creaminess of the spinach was the perfect offset for the spiciness of the blackening on the fish. Jim had the "grillades and grits," veal medallions on jalapeno cheese grits with a mushroom pan gravy.

We shared both desserts, a mint chocolate cake with coconut ice cream and chocolate sauce, and warm vanilla bread pudding, bourbon sauce and praline crunch ice cream. I even liked the coconut ice cream and I don't like coconut. The bread pudding was soft on the inside like a decadent piece of french toast. (photo by vincentgallegos)

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