Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Jim asked me at 12:15 last night if I had made the blog posting. The title is what I told him. Remind me before the Tonight Show starts next time.

Day 3 - Your Favorite Book

I love books and one benefit of a 45 minute each way commute is that you get a lot of reading time. Jim got me a Kindle for Christmas. I resisted for a long time because I like the feel of actual paper books. That said, I love it. I can get new books anywhere there is wifi, it's lightweight, fits in my purse, you can "borrow" books from other Kindle users and is surprisingly easy to read on. I think I read even faster with it.

I read a lot, but I don't usually re-read books. I have authors I like - Janet Evanovich, Charlene Harris, Laurell K Hamilton, Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell.

Day 4 - Your Favorite Television Show

This one is much easier. Since I've only been on one television show, it's easy to say that Jeopardy! is my favorite show. In fact, it was my favorite before I was on it. I am a self declared nerd and I have watched this show (along with my family) for as long as I can remember. I like the fact that I know a ton of useless crap. It took me three tests and two auditions before I got asked to be on, but it was so worth it. My show aired on Inauguration Day, so those of us in D.C. (including me) didn't get to see it. I was leading going into the final question and came in second. The only thing that makes that ok is the fact that no one got the final question correct. That and the fact that I was on before my sister was - her's would have been a tough act to follow.

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