Monday, February 7, 2011

A photo that makes you angry...

It's not that this photo makes me mad. It's more that it sums up my current feelings toward Verizon Business. I have been having nothing but grief in dealing with Verizon since the early part of December.

That is when I first notified Verizon that our office was moving. Apparently, I had to be prescient and notify Verizon two months before I knew where I was moving in order to have our VoIP and internet service moved to our new office. The relationship has gone down hill from there.

We moved our office on January 24th and we have been without phones or internet service ever since. We do have internet, because we went ahead and set up another system. Our office is 99% web-based - we can't operate with internet.

It took me until the day before our move for me to make Verizon understand that we had Cisco equipment that runs our phone system still screwed to the wall in our office. Even then, it took them until February 4th to arrange for a Cisco partner to come and uninstall it and reinstall it in our new office. Bear in mind that we no longer had access to our old office on Feb. 4 and had to beg building management to let us in long enough to get it. And while it's in our new office, we still don't have phone because it's not connection to the internet.

Today a Verizon tech came and pulled the T1 line up to our office and installed the jack, but we still don't have phones or internet, because no one has installed the router, which has been in my office since Verizon shipped it to me on January 13th.

Needless to say, Verizon is currently the source of everything that makes me angry.

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