Monday, April 28, 2008

A Full Weekend

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Friends of the Library Book Sale, which is huge, and where I accidentally spent $30 on books. It's ok, though, because I got a cookbook and two books that I can read and set free (Murder at the National Gallery and Murder at the National Cathedral - I thought it would be fun to release them in those locations). And I got 7 books for the Resource Center for Faith Development library, so that is a charitable donation and doesn't count :)

After the book sale, we drove into D.C. to see the Newseum. It just opened this month in its new location on Pennsylvannia. It used to be in a small building in Rosslyn and now it is just massive. This is a picture of us on the 6th floor terrace, looking down Penn to the Capitol. We had tickets for 1:00 and they nearly had to run us out of the building, because they closed at 5:00. If you go, go early. We didn't see everything.

Saturday evening, we went to visit Leon and Dee, friends of Jim's and by then we were beat. On Sunday, Jim went to work and I decided it would be a good day to figure out how to drive to my office. So , I loaded up the car with plants and headed into town again. It's easy to get to the building but a pain in the butt to park. After I dropped off the plants, I drove THROUGH DOWNTOWN, to the Folger for Shakespeare's birthday party. It is the one day a year that the reading room is open to the public and it is fantastic. What a great weekend! I should get a gold star for parallel parking three times in two days.


RebaAnn said...

What is that picture at the bottom of your blog? Looks like the court jester or something.

RebaAnn said...

Well, lady, you are my hero! Driving downtown - whoa! Good for you! And what a cutie beside you! You look good, happy and relaxed!

Love, Auntie Linda