Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Missing Papers

This morning I finally figured out what has been happening to our paper. The dumb cow who works the security desk has been throwing them away. I'll back up...

Last week, my boss asked me to renew our subscription to Roll Call, which is Congress's newspaper. I checked on it and we already had a subscription, good until December. So I called the paper, said we weren't getting ours and they delivered copies of the last three days. This morning, on my way in it occurred to me that I hadn't seen any issues since then, so I looked around the lobby for them and they weren't there. I casually said to the desk cow that I would have to call and complain again. This is when she said that she has been THROWING THEM AWAY!!

Apparently, an employee who left in January had been getting them and didn't tell anyone else to pick it up when he quit. So, they had been piling up in the lobby and she just took it upon herself to chuck them. I guess she couldn't be bothered to come up one floor and say "Hey, you know you have a pile of papers in the lobby?", or stop one of us when we come in. Too much work.

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